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Our coaching is specifically designed to cater to your individual needs. We specialize in working with motivated career professionals seeking change and purpose, with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, wellness professionals, yoga studio owners, health & wellness business owners, and health & wellness clients. Our clients have ranged from the retired truck-driver wishing to lose 50+ pounds with a plant based diet to A-list celebrities wishing to develop stress management techniques to reduce anxiety from being in the public eye. Our clients have also ranged from small-town yoga studio owners wishing to bring yoga to a new community, to yoga studio owners in some of the largest cities in the U.S. We have worked with struggling non-profits trying to increase funding and public perception, and motivated businesspeople and corporate executives experiencing burnout and seeking more balance. We have coached new and seasoned yoga teachers and wellness professionals on how to build a successful career in the yoga world and we’ve helped them to launch and lead their own international retreats, work with celebrity clientele, and begin their own yoga studios, workshops and trainings. We have also coached many clients wishing to excel in their personal lives and achieve optimal health, meaningful family relationships, effective and compassionate communication styles, and confidence and clarity around life purpose and vision.

Since 2000, we have guided over 2000 clients in both intensive workshops and one-on-one sessions oriented toward goals such as personal development, business development, product development and much more. Most of our clients are business professionals or highly motivated individuals with a great heart for living joyfully, often through the practices of yoga, wellness, health, community-building, and giving back. We often help others to figure out how to take these passions and develop a real career direction and/or business so that they are truly “living the dream” in a field that they feel proud of. Once the “big picture” and longer range mission, vision and values are achieved, we then support with the tactical and tangible business practices and the physical design of the space. In addition for yoga studio owners, we also provide detailed yoga studio design consulting services dealing with studio flow & logistics, branding of the physical space, and technical system (audio, HVAC, hot studio design, etc).

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Coaching & Consulting