About the Kunga Yoga School

The Kunga Yoga School offers programs for everyone, regardless of shape, size or ability and anyone wanting to make a difference in the world.

Are you looking for a way to mesh your love of yoga with your desire to be of service to your community, and to be a steward of the environment? Do you long to experience the mind-expanding challenges of traveling to new countries while also contributing to those communities? Kunga Yoga programs can help you do all of this and more! Kunga Yoga classes, Kunga Yoga Teacher Trainings, and Kunga Journeys Service Retreats provide yoga enthusiasts multiple opportunities to churn out some elbow grease, and learn about healthy lifestyle choices while raising important funds to improve our communities around the globe.

The mission for all Kunga classes is to continually build a community of big hearts and dirty hands, of folks that want to live our slogan: “Learn, Laugh, Grow, Serve!

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